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Charrette 2000

In the fall of 2000, world-renowned architect and planner Andres Duany visited Covington for a ten-day charrette, an intense period of planning and design activity. Duany and his team from DPZ worked with community stakeholders to develop a master vision for future development in Covington. Key to the plan was Clark's Grove, a Traditional Neighborhood Development, offering a variety of housing types, a mixture of land uses and a walkable design between the historic Covington square and Turner Lake Park.

The Carroll Street Plan

The Carroll Street Plan

The Carroll Street Plan builds on the original vision for Clark's Grove. The focus is a one-block area along Carroll Street between the Church of the Good Shepherd and The Swann Building. While single family homes will predominate in phase 2 of Clark's Grove, this block offers opportunities for small-scale, mixed-used development. 

The Carroll Building, located on the west end of the block, was recently completed and features 10 one- and two-bedroom apartments. Further mixed-use development will include office, live/work and additional living space.


Community Input

Clark's Grove neighbors, local community members, and business leaders contributed to a 2018 weekend charrette focused on the entire block bordered by Carroll, North Swann, Clark, and North Hunt Streets.

Creative Solutions

The 2018 design team suggested a mixed-use, commercial space at the corner of North Hunt Street and Clark Street to optimize visibility and utilize a shared parking arrangement with the neighborhood church. Stakeholders expressed enthusiasm for a neighborhood restaurant or pub.


A Master Vision

The 2018 charrette process produced a plan for the one-block
area that includes single-family attached housing (townhouses), multi-family housing in the form of a
small-scale condominium building as well as a seven-to-eleven-unit apartment building, and commercial space with
special attention to parking concerns, public outdoor
space and phasing.

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